Gary Kasparov: ‘Ukraine’s final victory could be a death blow to Putin’

The former world number one in chess is an unyielding opponent of the regime of Vladimir Putin. Paves the way for Russia to become a “state worthy of the trust of the rest of the world.”

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LGary Kasparov’s first name refers to US President Harry Truman. In Soviet times, his parents showed a dangerous imagination because he was born in 1963.

Since then, Gary has executed them. Although he was trained by Komsomol (Communist Youth Organization) and the Michael Botwinnik Communist Chess School, he became an independent thinker. Anatoly Karpov, a staunch defender of the Soviet regime to become world champions in 1985, was ranked number one in the world before being defeated in a fratricidal battle, and continued until the end of her career in 2005. More than 20 years have been spent in the sky of chess players, and this was surpassed only in 2013 by Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen, with a record number of points.

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