Wagner’s Abandoned Rebellion: Joe Biden Reacts

Joe Biden said on Monday that it was “too early to make firm decisions” after the Wagner group’s revolt in Russia over the weekend, as he assured Westerners that “nothing has to be done”.

“We are not involved. We have nothing to do with these events”, underlined the US president, specifically referring to NATO, before adding: “This is an internal issue in Russia. ยป

He assured that the Americans and their allies “do not want to give Putin any excuse to blame the West and blame NATO (for Russian President Vladimir).”

It is “important” that Westerners are “fully integrated,” and he recalled meeting with several heads of state and government on Saturday and indicated that he expected to speak again on Monday.

Joe Biden wants to be “continuous” with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, as he spoke Sunday to reassure him of America’s support.

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From Friday evening to Saturday evening, the spectacular outfit of the paramilitary group Wagner rocked Russia.

Within 24 hours, Yevgeny Prigozhin’s forces had captured several military bases in the strategic southwestern city of Rostov and marched hundreds of kilometers toward Moscow.

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In exchange for immunity promised to him and his men by the Kremlin, Wagner’s leader put an end to his rebellion on Saturday evening.

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