As Canada catches fire again, thousands flee: “I don’t know if I’ll survive”

Devastating wildfires threaten Canada, forcing thousands to evacuate their homes. The situation is alarming in many parts of the country.

In Canada, wildfires persist following mild and dry winters and devastate millions of hectares of land. The flames are now threatening many areas, forcing residents to evacuate. Firefighters are fighting hard to douse the fire, but the situation is critical.

Citizens face apocalyptic scenarios as the fire threatens to loom dangerously close to their homes. Some have already had to be evacuated, recalling the shock of the previous fire disaster. “If someone talks to me about fire, I worry because I don’t know if I’m going to survive.”A local resident testifies. “We lost everything in 2016. I had to start from scratch.’

Climate change is fueling an increase in wildfires, while extreme weather conditions are complicating firefighters’ work. More than 150 fires are currently threatening the country, raising fears of a grim summer.

Last year, Canada broke all records with more than 18,000 square kilometers of smog, or more than half the area of ​​Belgium. Canadians, refusing to be powerless, are redoubling their efforts to address this major environmental crisis.

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