Vladimir Putin Responds to Wagner Group Rebellion: “A Stab in the Back”

Vladimir Putin responded to the announcement by addressing the Russian people directly on television. He denounced “backstabbing” and accused Yevgeny Prigozhin of “treason”. He also criticizes Wagner’s leader as having “excessive ambitions”.

He said Wagner’s rebellion was a “mortal threat” to the Russian state. “The ‘traitors’ will be punished.” And the Russian president says he won’t let a ‘civil war’ happen and calls for ‘unity’.

At the same time, a “regime of anti-terrorist operations” was established in Moscow and its region, as Wagner says he took control of the Rostov headquarters.

It aims to strengthen the powers of the security services and take measures to control movements.

“Difficult” situation in Rostov

In addition, Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged that the situation was “difficult” in Rostov, where the head of the paramilitary group said it controlled military bases, including Wagner Airfield.

“Decisive steps will be taken to stabilize the situation in Rostov. It remains difficult,” Putin said in a video address to the nation, noting that “the functioning of civil and military administrative bodies is practically blocked.” The Russian military headquarters of the offensive is located in Ukraine, south of Russia.

The Russian Defense Ministry on Saturday promised to “guarantee the safety” of Wagner’s paramilitary group fighters if they stay away from the “criminal adventure” of their boss, Yevgeny Prigozhin.

“You were tricked into participating in Prigozhin’s criminal adventure,” the ministry said in a statement. “Contact representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense and law enforcement agencies as soon as possible. We guarantee everyone’s safety,” he added, adding that “several” members of Wagner’s group had already contacted him and asked him to return to them. barracks

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