Couple shot dead: 15-year-old son charged with killing parents | Various facts

FranceA 15-year-old French boy was arrested on Saturday after two bodies were found in his burnt-out home, after he pleaded guilty to charges of “murder”, the Grenoble prosecutor’s office (Middle East) said on Monday.

“As he did before the gendarmes, (Valentine) again admitted the facts before the (trial) judge, including his premeditated plan of action. He has been remanded in pretrial custody,” prosecutor Eric Wieland said in a press release. According to the series), the teenager was incarcerated in the juvenile wing of the detention center.

He was also accused of setting fire to the family home in Chateauvillan, a small village between Grenoble and Lyon. The prosecutor notes that the trial judge will “order a psychiatric evaluation and a psychological evaluation to better understand the personality of the accused and assess his criminal responsibility.”


Born in 2008 and the youngest son in a family of four, “normal, uneventful” and well integrated in his village, Valentine was arrested on Saturday in Montpellier (south) and taken into police custody as part of a “murder” investigation. Opened by Advocate.

Brought back to Isère on Saturday, he immediately “confessed to sex that he had murdered his parents,” the prosecution said. Valentine went missing after a fire broke out at her family’s renovated farm in Chateauvillein, a village of nearly 800 people, overnight Sunday into Monday. In the wreckage, according to investigators, two “almost completely burned” bodies were found. One of the two had “gunshot wounds to the skull” and wounds to the chest.

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Couple shot and burned: Teenage son arrested, police custody

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