United States: White House identifies people who benefited from debt relief and those who opposed it

The executive order signed by Joe Biden, which exempted student loans, drew strong reactions in the Republican camp. In response, the White House posted on its Twitter account the identity of the elected officials who used it and the amount.

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LUS President Joe Biden on Wednesday announced partial student loan forgiveness, a hotly debated issue in a country where a year of college costs tens of thousands of dollars.

Even as Democratic Senators Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren hailed the joint statement as “a giant step toward solving the student loan crisis,” Republican opposition responded vigorously.

Faced with backlash from elected officials, the White House released on its Twitter account the identities of Republicans seeking debt cancellation and the amounts involved.

Without further details, the White House later asserted that “the administration’s student loan program will make the student loan system more manageable by providing public employees with an easier path to debt forgiveness (…).” »

In total, about 45 million borrowers in the country owe a total of $1.6 trillion, according to the White House.

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