The amazing incident that happened mid-flight of the 737 MAX: the black box was destroyed

The plane made an emergency landing after the crew cut off and only minor injuries were reported.

A black box monitors only two hours of conversations in the cockpit. “The recording in the cockpit was absolutely crushed,” Jennifer Homandy said. According to him, the regulator should force airlines to keep records for longer, as in Europe.

An Alaska Airlines flight was not allowed to fly overseas (to Hawaii, editor's note) last month because a warning light went off, a spokeswoman said. Alarms were raised on December 7, January 3 and 4.

The maintenance team checked the light each time and did a reset. Additional maintenance work is planned and not yet carried out. “We don't know what happened on Friday,” Jennifer Homandy said. “But as a precaution, Alaska Airlines decided not to fly the plane over the ocean so that it could land quickly in the event of an emergency.”

Boeing plane door rips off mid-flight: Smartphone survives 5,000m drop (Photo)

The investigation will now focus on analyzing several key components to detect potential cracks. A pop-out panel was bolted to the fuselage, covering the unused emergency exit.

There were 6 crew members and 171 passengers on board at the time of the incident, including three infants and four unaccompanied minors. The two seats next to the board were empty.

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