This restaurant creates controversy by serving wines from Nazi Germany on its menu: “A clear swastika on the label.”

A shout out to France at a Parisian restaurant in the 11th arrondissement. The establishment served wines from Nazi Germany on its menu with the name “Third Reich of Grapes”. Wine journalist Antonin Iommi-Amunadegui shared the information about X.So there’s a Parisian restaurant that thinks it’s fine to sell wines in the ‘Third Reich’. Wines with the most obvious swastika on the label sell for huge vintages… What Nazi fetishism is this, Vandre?“, he writes.

For his part, the owner of the establishment, Marco Pelletier, said he was shocked and deeply affected, explaining that he did not want to promote Nazism by selling these wines in his restaurant. “We are talking about three bottles out of 45,000 in our cellar. Defends the restaurant by emphasizing the encyclopedic nature of its acquisition of these bottles.

Yes, these 3 bottles correspond to the darkest parts of our history. These wines are only in the appearance of the restaurant menu, a register that compiles all the wines stored in our cellar, consulted only by the best connoisseurs and wine enthusiasts. Read an Instagram post from a restaurant?

These bottles can sell for a golden price…between 750 and 980 euros. These wines will be removed from the list according to Marco Pelletier.

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