It's 'not too late' to win Ukraine war: more aid to come, NATO says

The NATO secretary general and the Ukrainian president jointly stressed on Monday that Ukraine needs more help to win the war, as Russia takes advantage of failures in Western aid to move forward. “Significant delays in support have serious consequences on the battlefield,” Jens Stoltenberg admitted during a visit to Kyiv, referring to significant delays in US and European military aid.

“But it's not too late for Ukraine to win,” the NATO official assured, adding that “more aid is coming” and new aid announcements are expected soon. Mr. Stoltenberg called on allies to make “a major, multi-year financial commitment (…) to demonstrate that our support for Ukraine is not short-term”.

“Moscow must understand that it cannot win,” the head of the Atlantic alliance stressed. For his part, President Volodymyr Zelensky urged the West to speed up arms deliveries to “defeat” a new major offensive that Moscow is preparing, according to kyiv.

“Together we must defeat the Russian offensive,” said Mr. Jens Stoltenberg. Zelensky declared, noting that Moscow was “trying to take advantage” of the delay in Western aid.

“Artillery, (ammunition) 155 mm caliber, long-range weapons and air defense, mainly patriotic systems. This is what we need to work on now in Ukraine to destroy ambitious terrorists from our allies and Russia,” the Ukrainian leader said. of the state. In recent days, Moscow has claimed to have captured several villages.

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On Monday, the Russian military said it had captured Semenivka, and the day before it said it had occupied Novopakmutivka.

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