Todd Howard apparently teases two unannounced projects

With the Fallout TV series reaching 65 million viewers to become one of Prime Video's most-watched shows of all time, the pressure is on for more content set in the wasteland, and Bethesda appears ready to respond.

In a new interview with Kinda Funny Gamesdirector Todd Howard appeared to tease two unannounced Fallout projects, saying: “We're looking at what we're doing with… [Fallout] The franchise and then say do we still feel good about that — I can't reveal that right now — but that's our runway for Fallout as a franchise.

He completed, “When will season 2 air? What do we do on mobile? What do we do on it [Fallout 76]. What do we do with this thing? What do we do with this other thing? When will this decline occur? And again, if I could snap my fingers and have them all ready to go, I would. But the main thing is how we can deliver these products at a high quality level. This is always the most important.”

Howard's offhand comments seem to indicate that there are at least two projects in development, though it's unclear what they might be and when they will be released.

We look at what we do with [Fallout] Franchise and then say do we still feel good about that — I can't reveal that right now — but that's our runway for Fallout as a franchise.

One of the projects may be the Fallout 3 Remaster that was revealed in documents mistakenly published by the FTC, which also leaked the Remaster version of Oblivion and other projects. The revised version doesn't have an official date, but it appears to be targeting fiscal year 2024, which ends in June.

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Howard also said that Fallout 5 will arrive sometime after Elder Scrolls VI, and that he has a “one page” for the project. Although Elder Scrolls VI is apparently still in pre-production, Fallout 5 may not appear until 2030 or later.

Meanwhile, Bethesda recently released the long-awaited next-gen update for Fallout 4, which sparked controversy by breaking several major mods among other issues. Bethesda also confirmed that those who own Fallout 4 via the Playstation Plus collection will not get the next-gen update for free.

Somehow, demand for Fallout is higher than ever thanks to the show's success, and Bethesda seems to be doing its best to keep up. Elsewhere, we spoke to Howard in our own interview, where he cleared up some big questions about the Fallout timeline, among other issues. For more, check out our complete guide to the official Fallout timeline plus everything we know about Fallout 5.

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