‘They fear it will start again’: In Belgium, Moroccan families caught up in news after earthquake

Hind also picked up her phone when she heard about the earthquake. “I thought my family because they live very close to Marrakesh. But I got the news, everyone is fine, there is no damage around their house, their house is not damaged, not collapsed. But they are all shocked. They are inside. Panic because the earthquake could hit at any time, They fear that it will happen again, that it will start again.

Further away, a market gardener, Ismail, shared his relief this morning. “My family is safe, they are on the other side, not in the affected area.”

He refers to the number of victims just updated by the Moroccan authorities. He explains that in his shop, he stays connected with the news all morning.

“Since last night I have been following the news closely and it is very sad. I follow the news on social networks and I have family who send me information through WhatsApp. Also, even though my family is not affected, we are still. Connected with those involved.

“We have an attachment and sorrow for the affected Moroccan people.”

He also expresses his surprise. “It was a shock because on the Marrakech side, I never heard of that. In fact, I didn’t think it happened on that side.” If there are already many images of material damage, that is the expected human toll. “The people we care about, it’s the people! All that, the buildings, they can be built, they go quickly, they’re the people I think.”

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