Japan lays the groundwork for Ukraine's reconstruction

As the US Congress splits over a new aid package for Ukraine, Japan is mobilizing its agencies, concerned about Western support for Kyiv two years after the Russian invasion began. Its provisions prohibit the export of dangerous war materials, but not economic support.

On February 20 and 21, fifty-six documents were signed on the sidelines of the Conference on Economic Development and Reconstruction of Ukraine, a bilateral meeting organized by Tokyo at the headquarters of the Japanese employers' organization Keitanren. Among the measures announced were an easing of visas for Ukrainian nationals, the opening of a branch of the Foreign Trade Organization (JETRO) in Kiev, and a 15.8 billion yen (98 million euro) envelope for aid to mining permits and energy and transport. Departments.

Ukraine's reconstruction, estimated by the World Bank at 452.8 billion euros over ten years, is attractive. Japanese contribution “Not only an investment in the future of Ukraine, but an investment in Japan and the whole world”Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, who spoke to an audience of representatives from the public and private sectors, underscored this.

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Mr. Kishida wants to visit Ukraine “Achieving Comprehensive Economic Development from Primary to Tertiary Sectors in Agriculture, Manufacturing and Information Technology”. “We want you all to be a part of the Ukrainian economic miracle”His Ukrainian counterpart Denis Simihal underlined that he was with about a hundred merchants.

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The meeting sparked a small mobilization of radical leftist movements such as the Zengakuran Student Union. “War Convention”. The protest, however, has not derailed discussions confirming Japan's commitment to support Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict. In addition to economic sanctions against Russia, Tokyo provided life-threatening military equipment, helmets, bulletproof vests and about a hundred vehicles. The archipelago opened up to Ukrainian refugees by relaxing asylum rules.

In March 2023, Mr. Kishida visited Q. This is where the idea of ​​the Tokyo Conference was born. Subsequently, Mr. Zelensky was received by the Japanese Prime Minister. In December, Tokyo announced a new envelope of 4.2 billion euros for Ukraine, bringing Japanese aid to 11.2 billion euros. Conflict.

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