These weather patterns could spell disaster for Thanksgiving travel


Millions of people will soon board trains, planes and cars as people make their annual Thanksgiving pilgrimage.

the Deloitte Holidays 2023 Survey It found that 48% of Americans plan to travel during the holidays.

This is higher than the 31% who traveled between Thanksgiving and mid-January last year.

Relatively calm weather has dominated the United States over the past two weeks, but computer models suggest a more active scenario could take hold as Thanksgiving travel begins.

“It’s too early to put any numbers on it, but you have to realize that we might see a little bit of an active pattern,” FOX Weather meteorologist Jane Minnaar said.

Here’s an outline of the forecast leading up to one of the busiest travel periods of the year.

Details of the forecast will become clearer as the travel period approaches.

Pre-Thanksgiving forecast

The change in pattern begins at the end of the week when the jet stream begins to dip south.

The FOX Forecast Center is monitoring the potential for storms on both sides of the country by the end of the week.

The change in pattern could mean rain and snow, leading to travel disruptions just before Thanksgiving.
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This could mean snowfall across the northern tier of the country, with the possibility of heavy rain across the southern tier between November 16 and 19.

This will likely create more opportunities for travel issues before Thanksgiving week.

Thanksgiving week forecast

The Climate Prediction Center is calling for above-average temperatures and precipitation for the eastern two-thirds of the country during Thanksgiving week.

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Above-average temperatures in the East and below-average temperatures in the West increase the chances of rain and snow around Thanksgiving.
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The West is expected to expect below-average temperatures and average precipitation chances during the week.

The FOX Forecast Center is monitoring the potential for a stronger storm to develop in the western United States during Thanksgiving week.

This means heavy snow, gusty winds and rainy weather across the region.

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