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Tonight on “American Idol,” the country music icon Shania Twain They channel the top ten as they perform songs from their birth years. Everyone competes for a place in the top eight while America votes directly and rules Luke Bryan, Kate Berry And Lionel Richie Provide feedback. Winner 2011 Scotty McCreary And champion 2020 Just Sam Performance too.

Below, follow our live blog for Episode 14 of “American Idol 22” airing Sunday, April 28 (8:00 PM – 10:00 PM ET).

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20:00 – Formerly on “American Idol”! The top 12 players advance for a spot in the top 10. The top vote-getters advanced while judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie watched the host Ryan Seacrest Sends Jenna Elise And Roman Collins house. Who will be impeached tonight?

8:10 pm The show begins with home videos of each contestant as children, with their birth years shown on screen. It's nice, but mostly it makes me feel old. Voting is already open, so save your favorites and start texting! Shania Twain is an interesting mentor, but especially so Mia Matthews Who sings Shania's song “No On e Needs to Know”. Mia leans into the country fanbase with this pop, but it's not quite an acoustic offering. The judges gave her a standing ovation, which seems excessive, but it was a fun performance. Luke loves the “commercial ability” she will have in country music. Lionel says, “I caught you thinking about that song” and mentions that the audience wasn't at the rehearsal, so they wouldn't know she got it wrong (except Luke told everyone she forgot the words).

8:20 pmJack Blocker “Believe” is sung by Share. It's an acoustic version on Jack's guitar, which is an interesting interpretation that differs from Cher's dance standard. I don't like this performance, but that's okay. The judges were back on their feet, and I was used to them giving everyone a standing ovation no matter what. Lionel says Jack was able to “create his own sound” and “succeed at it.” Katie likes that Jack takes a “calculated risk” and says, “I've got this!” Luke encourages Jack to “have fun with it” and not be afraid to “hit the wrong note.”

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8:32 pmMcKenna Faith Breinholt “Iris” is sung by Go-Go dolls. She's always had one of my favorite tunes in this competition. This is her money maker! She sits at the piano as she plays this pop-rock song, expanding her range in the process. Katie calls it her favorite performance from McKenna and the crowd goes crazy. Luke calls her “very mature” and “professional.” Lionel calls her “the queen of the smoky voice” and loves the way she moves through the song.

8:40 pmKaiko “Oops!…I Did It Again” is sung by Britney Spears. Well that was the plan. But Shania talked him out of it, saying he didn't look like the rock star he was trying to be. Kayko switches it up and sings “Teenage Dirtbag”. Wetos instead of. He's having fun out there, but his singing doesn't quite hit the right notes. He plays rock music, but to me he sounds more like a Broadway performer than a rock singer. Luke says, “Who the hell is this new guy?” He waits for Kayko to start skating across the stage. Lionel wants to know, “What are you doing?” He praises the performer for delivering performances to the point of “believability” and warns, “You can win this thing.” “Sometimes the turtles win,” Katie adds.

8:50 pmAmy Russell “All the Little Things” is sung by Flash 182. It slows it down, giving '90s punk a laid-back, country vibe. It has a nice melody, but it's an odd choice for a song. Lionel says he smiles all the time she sings, because he likes her “storyteller” voice. Katie thought it was a great choice of song and Amy's best vocal of the season. Luke believes she sounded “freer” in this performance than ever before.

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8:55 pm — Back to the idol stage is Just Sam. They finally get their moment on stage, after winning the 2020 Covid season. They sing 'One Moment in Time' by Whitney Houston. They hit those notes, though! It was nice to see Just Sam get his moment on stage. Katie says the desserts are long overdue. Lionel says he's a “proud papa bird.”

9:07 pmTriston Harper “It's Country” is sung by Jason Aldean. It's a fun song for the often emotional Triston, and he works the stage like a pro. Katie thanks him for “being a student of this game.” Luke asks, “Are you trying to get over me?” Lionel asks: “Did you just see Triston's brace?” The judges are eating this performance.

9:16 pm – Abi Carter chose to sing “The Hours.” Bad play. She chose not to play the piano tonight so she could work with the audience. I'm not sure if this is one of her most memorable performances, but she always looks good. Abe's not going anywhere, so there's no need to worry tonight. Luke thanks her for taking his advice and reaching out to fans. “This is what performance is all about” and “You’re on fire,” Lionel says. “You can't give a whole concert behind a piano,” Katie agrees with Luke, but this performance is “still authentic.”

9:32 pm – After the champion of the tenth season Scotty McCreary He stopped by to sing his latest single, “Cab In a Solo,” and it was about time Julia Gagnon. “I'm Here” was chosen by Bryan Adams. I love hearing her sing a rock anthem, and it makes me wish she would cover the heart song. Lionel loves the way she structured the song and showed off her full range. Katie loves it when Julia gets “too intimate” and wants more from her. “I thought it was,” she adds Kelly Clarkson “For just a minute.” Luke says, “A way to own your moment.”

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9:42 pmWill Mosley is the next sing-along of “Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde”. Travis Treat. It's a bit mundane for Will, but I suppose if it's not broken, why fix it? I'd like to see him mix more genres, because he's easily one of the safest bets to sail to the end. Katie applauds him for choosing the right key. Luke calls it “the perfect song and the perfect delivery.” They must be short on time because Lionel simply says, “Our way forward!”

9:52 pm – The last performer tonight is… Cayperian “Here Without You” sung by 3 doors down. Shania was very hard on her during rehearsals, begging her to turn down the volume in the opening verse. Kaibrienne takes her advice and gives it her all on stage. Luke calls it one of his “favorite shows” she's done. Lionel says he can listen to her “crying” all night. “You have a pot of gold in your voice,” Katie says, “and you just need to learn how to use it.”

10:00 PM – Voting has closed and now it's time for Ryan to read the results. The two contestants going into the house tonight are Mia Matthews and Kaiko. Tomorrow night, the top 8 will compete in the “Judge's Song Contest”, where the top six will advance before the judges save one more, completing the top seven.

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