The USS Gerald Ford, the world’s largest aircraft carrier, is on its way to Israel

“This is a huge defeat for Israel and a huge victory for Hamas”, lamented Kobi Michel, a researcher at the INSS think tank in Tel Aviv with Agence France-Presse. “We’re not ready, and I’m still politically correct. To start such an activity, you need a lot of preparation, planning, coordination and having meaningful perspectives or goals.

It is too early to explain how Hamas organized such a large-scale attack and whether or not Iran directly supported the attack. According to the United States, the current intensity of the war is apparently closely followed, although there is no evidence to confirm this at this time.

USS Gerald Ford in the Eastern Mediterranean

As of Sunday, the day after the Hamas attack on Israel, the Washington aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford’s carrier asked the strike group to move toward the eastern Mediterranean. A huge ship is about to anchor off the coast of Israel.

The tactical move is seen as a warning to countries like Syria or Iran, which may be provoked to launch an attack against Israel, the BFM notes.

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World’s largest aircraft carrier

USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78), inaugurated by Donald Trump in 2017, is the world’s largest aircraft carrier. Abandoned in the sea, this real military camp can affect the deteriorating situation by its simple existence several hundred kilometers away.

Some figures: 112,000 tons, 333 meters long (262 meters compared to Europe’s largest aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle), 30 knots or 55.6 km/h (versus 27 knots, 50 km/h Charles de Gaulle) and a $13 billion investment.

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Some more stats: 4,600 sailors, 75 fighter jets, 20,000 square meter airfield (3 football fields). It is a bulwark towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

During her first mission, a year ago, US Navy Commander Admiral Daryl Caudill, USS Gerald Ford “Prove its unrivaled deadly capabilities in all areas”.

Israel-Palestine conflict: “Hamas is already planning its next move”

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