Netanyahu says Israel cannot accept Hamas’ demand to end Gaza war

Benjamin Netanyahu.
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Israel and the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas renewed their deep disagreement over a ceasefire in the war in Gaza, putting a chill in renewed talks in Cairo on Sunday.

Israel and the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas have again expressed their deep disagreement over the scope of a ceasefire in the war in Gaza, putting a chill in talks that resumed in Cairo on Sunday. Benjamin Netanyahu reaffirmed this Sunday“Israel is unacceptable” Hamas demands an end to the war. “While Israel expresses its goodwill, Hamas continues its extreme positions, leading demands for the withdrawal of our forces from the Gaza Strip, an end to the war, and the protection of Hamas. This is unacceptable to Israel.Benjamin Netanyahu announced during the ministerial meeting.

According to a Hamas source, discussions between the Islamist movement and Qatari and Egyptian mediators resumed on Sunday. Hamas emphasizes its demands: “Total cessation of occupation” Israeli and “retrieval” Israeli forces from Gaza. The terms were rejected by Israel, which along with the United States and the European Union considers Hamas a terrorist organization and vowed to destroy the Islamist movement after the October 7 attack.

Mutual accusations

Earlier on Saturday, Hamas representatives led by Khalil al-Hayya and mediators accused each other of obstructing any agreement during the first round of talks in Cairo in the presence of representatives from Israel and the Palestinian movement. A Hamas official, speaking on condition of anonymity, reiterated that his movement would not accept it “There is no treaty which does not expressly provide for the termination of war in any case” In Gaza. Benjamin “Netanyahu is personally delaying the deal”He told AFP on Saturday evening that the Israeli prime minister, whom Hamas had previously blamed, had been deterred by his public threats over an attack in Rafah, a populous city in the south of the Gaza Strip.

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Mediators – Qatar, Egypt and the United States – offered a concession to Hamas in late April, providing for a temporary cease-fire involving the release of Palestinian prisoners in exchange for hostages taken during the October 7 attack.

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