The three young children were trapped in the vehicle for 55 hours and under 30 degrees, along with the bodies of their dead parents

Everything changed when a couple and their three children were visiting their grandmother for Christmas. The family suffered a horrific road accident, killing both parents outright. The three children were trapped in the car for more than 55 hours, along with the dead bodies of their parents.

It was a truly horrifying scene when family friends stumbled upon the Land Rover with the three children trapped on its side on a lonely road. According to reports from HLN, the five-year-old girl managed to free her one-year-old brother by winning his belt. Along with their two-year-old brother, the three children spent 55 hours waiting in the vehicle in temperatures below 30 degrees.

All three children were severely dehydrated and were in the car when help arrived. They were immediately transferred to Perth Children’s Hospital.

The circumstances surrounding the horrific crash in which the three children, Jake Day, 28, and Cindy Braddock, 25, lost their parents are still unknown. For his part, Bruce Browning, the municipal councilor of Gondin, did not understand how no one could see the damaged car for so long: “Hundreds of cars passed by during this period, the vehicle was not far from the road, so it is unbelievable that no one came to help.

Michael Reid, a cousin of the late father, described his five-year-old niece as a hero. “If she hadn’t untied her brother he wouldn’t be with us today.

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