How to easily open oysters using microwave?

Option 1: You have an oyster knife

Better yet, you have a protective steel glove. If this is not the case, get a clean kitchen towel.

First, run the oysters under cold water (don't submerge them!), rinse them, and brush them.
Then, firmly grasp an oyster in your non-dominant hand, with the thin part called the “lock” or “hinge” – toward your fingertips. If you don't have a glove, block it in the same direction as the towel.
Insert the tip of the knife between the two shells and use a rotating motion as you advance through the “hinge”, not penetrating the knife more than 2/3 of the oyster. When the “lock” gives way, the two faces are separated. Gently release, cut the muscle and release the membrane. Discard undigested first water and set aside in a cool place.

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Options 2, 3 and 4: You don't have an oyster knife

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In the microwave

Place your oysters in a deep dish covered with microwave-safe plastic wrap. Place the dish in the oven for one to three minutes (the smaller the oysters, the shorter the “cooking” time). Once the oysters have opened, remove them from the oven and finish the job with a knife as explained above.


Pour some water into a large pot and place the oysters flat. Heat it up. As the water evaporates, the oysters open. One to two minutes is enough for the oysters to open slightly. Again, finish the operation with a knife.

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In any case, be careful not to overcook the oysters, they are fine once they open.

with white vinegar

This magical ingredient from our grandmothers! Fill a large deep pan with water and add half a glass of white vinegar (some grandmothers advise using bicarbonate, which has less odor). Dip the oysters in the mixture and wait a few minutes: they will open on their own!

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