The “Dana” weather phenomenon hit Spain: many cities were closed due to torrential rain

Roads are closed, towns are cordoned off and people are asked to stay at home: Heavy rains hit much of Spain over the weekend, including the Balearic Islands, and are expected to last until Monday.

This is a well-known phenomenon in Spain known as “Dana”.“High-level stress in isolation”Aemet, a national meteorological agency, explains that this gives rise “Continued and widespread rainfall, locally heavy or very heavy, accompanied by storms over the territory excluding the Canaries”.

According to the Home Ministry, which has issued a warning for most of the territory, rainfall could reach 120 liters in 24 hours, or 12 hours locally. Officials are more concerned about the arrival of income ahead of the start of the school year this weekend and the possibility of congestion on the roads.

“Essential Travel Only”: The Directorate General of Transport (DGT) reiterated its calls throughout Sunday “Don’t take the car and stay at home”Many roads were completely submerged and cuts abounded.

Train services were also disrupted on several sections, Spanish railway company Renfe said.

In Madrid, an alert rang out on all cell phones in the region: “Today there is a high risk of storms in the Madrid area (…) Don’t take your car and stay at home.”

In many cities across the country, Mayor Carlos Vel├ízquez asked his constituents to ask residents to stay home because of the risk of flooding, such as the tourist town of Toledo. “Stay at home as much as possible”.

In Alcanar, between Barcelona and Valencia (east), people had to fend for themselves.Due to rain and floods”Emergency services, advice indicated “Residents should move to upper floors of houses”.

Monday, “Centre of pressure should move west and towards the Atlantic”Aemet predicts rain and thundershowers will continue over the western and central parts of the country.

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The agency estimates the weather warning will end Tuesday.

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