US FedEx driver arrested after 7-year-old Athena’s lifeless body found ‘I can’t describe the pain and anger inside me’

This Friday, the lifeless body of Athena Strand, a 7-year-old American girl, was found in Wise County, North Texas. The girl has been missing since Wednesday. Since then, an entire country feared something bad had happened to him.

And the fears were confirmed. Soon, the authorities realized that the girl had been abducted far from her home. The first elements of the investigation suggest that she was abducted by a 31-year-old man and killed within an hour.

The suspect, Tanner Lynn Horner, was actually arrested Saturday and has been charged with murder. A driver for FedEx, he left a package at Athena’s house shortly before the girl disappeared.

In a moving Facebook post, Athena’s mother spoke of the “sick and cruel monster” who took her daughter “for no reason”. “I don’t know how to describe the pain and anger inside me.”

“Athena is innocent, beautiful, smart, kind, and she’s a very happy, bright person. I don’t want people to remember that she was a little girl who was killed by a monster,” he continues.

Since then, it has been a source of shock and tributes in America.

An autopsy is pending, and authorities do not yet know the suspect’s motive.

For its part, FedEx distanced itself from the driver and said it was “shocked” by the news, while offering its condolences to Athena’s family.

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