The Castro podcast app and website are down

Longtime podcast app Castro has been shut down on iOS since Friday and its website no longer exists, a month after the team behind Castro denied rumors that the app was being shut down. Users began reporting on Friday that they were unable to download new episodes or access Castro's website. when the edge After we contacted the contacts listed on Castro's website, all of our emails were returned as undeliverable because the domain could not be found.

Friday Reddit post Full of responses from people unable to use important parts of the app, and recent reviews of it existing On the iOS App Store it tells the same story. When we downloaded the app to check, we couldn't connect to Castro's servers to find shows to listen to.

The app has been clearly down since at least November, when the app was down for a few days due to a database issue that turned out to be more serious. More complicated than the team initially expected. That same month, some outlets and blogs reported that Castro's closure was imminent, but Castro was able to get service. Backup and playback.

Shortly after, the team to publish On X (formerly Twitter) stated that any communications regarding its impending demise were “unofficial”. The post linked to a blog dated December 1st that can no longer be accessed directly as its site is now down.

that Archived version The position was rejected Reports that Castro was closing its doors, but admitted that the company was “looking for a new home for Castro with new owners” after an unspecified number of employees left. One such rumor came from a former member of Castro's team, Mohit Mamoria, who… to publish on November 27 that the app “will be shut down within the next two months.”

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the edge I contacted Castro's parent company small sizeBut she had not received a response at press time.

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