Israel-Hamas war: Beirut airport screens hacked by Hezbollah critics

“A cyber attack on the airport's departure and arrival screens disrupted the baggage screening system,” ANI said, adding that officials were working to restore the scene and maintain normal traffic at the airport.

According to images released by the press, a message critical of the powerful Lebanese movement Hezbollah was displayed on a screen next to the logo of a Christian group called “Soldiers of God”.

Since the war between Israel and Hamas began on October 7, pro-Iranian Hezbollah has engaged in almost daily firefights with Israel along the Israel-Lebanon border, supporting its Palestinian ally in the Gaza Strip. These conflicts are raising fears of a regional implosion in Lebanon and increasing anxiety.

The message on the display screen said the airport was Hezbollah's and not Iran's, according to media reports.

“Hassan Nasrallah, nobody will support you if you drag the country into war (…) We will not fight in the name of anyone”, and underscored the message addressed to the head of Hezbollah.

“You are going to blow up our airport with weapons. “Let the airport be free from influence,” Hezbollah wrote.

The “Soldiers of God” group is best known in Lebanon for its uncompromising stances and attacks against the LGBT+ community.

Contacted by AFP, he declined to comment, but denied any involvement in the cyber attack in a video, describing it as “the work of the devil”.

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