The Brazilian actor was found dead, strapped to his chest, buried two meters underground

Brazilian police made a dramatic discovery on Monday, May 22. The body of 44-year-old actor Jefferson Machado was found in a wooden chest buried two meters underground in the backyard of a house in Rio de Janeiro. The actor, who played a prominent role in the television series for Record TV channel, has been missing since late January last. The actor did not show any sign of life and his family raised the alarm anxiously as he left his dogs alone at his home in Rio.

The body found in the wooden chest has been officially identified as Jefferson Machado because of his fingerprints. The victim’s “hands were tied behind his head” and the body showed signs of strangulation, a lawyer for the actor’s family said. He also told Brazilian media that the property where Jefferson Machado’s body was found belonged to a woman who said she had rented the house to a man in the past months. The latter was identified by the police, and according to local media, Jefferson Machado knew him.

It is not yet known what led police to the burial site.

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