An unbearable suspense for the relatives of Chem in France: the body of an 18-year-old girl was found in a tree

Chem, 18, who has been missing for a week in Gard, was killed by a relative with whom he had a “romantic relationship”: his body was found overnight from Wednesday to Thursday, after the confession of this man, already convicted several times.

The 39-year-old killer admitted to killing the young woman on Wednesday evening during a police custody hearing from Tuesday, the public prosecutor of Nîmes Cécile Gensac said during a conference this Thursday. He then led investigators to a body in a tree in the town of Salles-du-Garden, a village on the border of La Grand Combe. A source close to the investigation said the man was an ex-boyfriend of the victim’s relative, who was taken into police custody on Tuesday.

Killed “in the context of an argument”.

Based on his symptoms, investigators discovered around 1:00 a.m. this Thursday, “through a road” In an isolated spot near La Grand Combe, The “A young woman’s body that fits in every way” A description of Chhem will require scientific studies to more formally confirm his identity, Ms Genczak noted.

The man promised “Killing the woman in an argument over their love affair”, the magistrate added. A case was registered against him and he was imprisoned. At the same time he was in custody, the woman was released.

“I helped someone who decided to face his massive responsibility in the disappearance of Sihem and put an end to the unbearable suspense for his relatives by guiding the investigators”, For his part, the alleged murderer’s lawyer, Jean-Marc Tarrigade, declared.

One who knows justice

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“He knows his wrongdoing is unforgivable, but his silence only makes it worse”, Mee Thurrigade’s client, who was scheduled to appear in Guard Assize Court on Wednesday for armed robbery, was initially admitted.

According to Ms Jenczak, the man had been convicted five times for damaging property and eight times for driving-related offences.

He was serving a 12-year prison sentence announced by Gard’s assistants for armed robbery in particular, and was on judicial supervision for a similar case, for which he is due to appear before the Assizes of Gard on Wednesday.

“Loved and admired by all”

Asking for an honor “Time to Think” and tempts a young woman “Loved and admired by all”, Sihem’s family confirmed “Puts his full trust in the judicial institution to know and understand the circumstances of his death,” According to a press release from his lawyers, Me Sarah Benlefki and Mourad Batik.

Chem had not given any sign of life since he left his house on the evening of January 25. The sector’s excessive flights by helicopter, use of tracking dogs and conducted searches made it impossible to locate her.

It has been missing since the end of January

On Wednesday, the Nîmes prosecutor announced the opening of an investigation into kidnapping and forcible imprisonment following this disappearance. girl “Last contact with friends at midnight” On January 25, she “He’s going to leave his house, maybe join someone he knows.”The Magistrate had then mentioned.

Investigators initially looked into the trail of kidnapping linked to the facts “To get funding”.

The number of femicides in France in 2021 increased by 20% from the previous year, with 122 women killed by their spouse or ex-spouse, and 102 in 2020, according to a report published by the ministry in August 2022. Interior. While 146 women were killed in 2019, 102 women were killed in 2020 was an exception, and it is unclear what role periods of incarceration and curfew played.

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