Starfield’s entire skill tree is supposedly bare after someone spent 200 hours putting together trailer footage

It appears one eagle-eyed Starfield fan has spent about 200 hours putting together what could be the game’s full skill tree using previously released screenshots of Bethesda’s epic space game. I’m not actually sure if you could be a “Starfield fan” before the game was released, but this budding detective is at least a fan of the trailers, features, and Starfield Direct. Come see what they come up with.

Over on the Starfield subreddit, verified user asd8dhd to publish A patchwork picture of what they think each individual skill in the game might be. This is a level of dedication I can only dream of, because anyone capable of such a feat would have to have enterprise stats maxed out. This is evident in the show, as they are, too published An accompanying 44-page document outlines their guides, explains how leveling works, and details each ability.

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The Google Doc places more than 60 skills in different branches such as physical, social, martial, scientific, and technical. Obviously, there are also four levels for each skill, as you upgrade them from the low apprentice level, all the way up to the final master level.

Just imagine how many times they had to replay each clip to put this together. Imagine the hours spent fast-forwarding during Todd Howard’s monologue. Imagine the sleepless nights you spent frantically scribbling notes and Make relationships Like something out of a coffee-fueled mystery detective. I’m not even sure I’ve actually spent 200 hours playing any Bethesda RPG (sorry, Todd), let alone looking for ads for it. But I admire their commitment at least.

One commenter pointed out that another online investigator has compiled a dossier Starfield Planet Navigator, which is basically a work-in-progress map showing every planet that can be explored. God I love and hate the internet.

Starfield is launching soon on September 6th on PC, Xbox, and Game Pass, so we’ll be taking an official look at skills, rosters, and more very soon. We already have details on the game’s companions, pillow talk, damn starship build, and Oblivion’s returning fan, just in case you’re still hungry for more details. Otherwise, feel free to spend weeks piecing together every rocker variant offered so far.

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