GTA 6 fans desperate for its October reveal are convinced Rockstar is trolling them

A few weeks ago I wrote about Grand Theft Auto players describing the movement of planes in random GTA promotional art as evidence of the upcoming reveal of GTA 6, which was timed to intersect with the waning gibbous moon. I thought the hype might die down after GTA 6 failed to materialize according to the lunar cycle, but it turns out this rabbit hole has no bottom.

Come now, look at the promotional image of Rockstar that was just posted New Red Dead Online costume. To me, that image looks like a strange man wearing a mask, looking at you through piles of skulls. Standard Halloween game fare. But it turns out that when you draw lines on them with MS Paint, you end up with the following.

Case closed! This is just ordinary speculation, the tip of a huge and very complex iceberg. You also have people posting there Wobbly hand camera shots From supposed non-disclosure agreements indicating the trailer will drop on October 26. you have Extensive written breakdowns of the trailer mentioned on Reddit, which will feature the slick pop style of Genesis – exactly the kind of band I can imagine giving a GTA reveal, in all fairness. you have Complete, near-professional models mixing GTA Online footage with corny VAAnd you have someone in Brazil Claiming that they have a development building.

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One question all of this raises, of course, is how much people urinate. It is clear that some rumormongers are involved, but it is difficult to determine the ratio of hoaxers to true believers. Maybe everyone involved would laugh. Is Rockstar laughing too, trolling fans with suggestive negative space in trailers, and then absorbing the frenzy? It will certainly be associated with the brand, as a growing number of people on Xitter and Recitera.

What is the postmodern stage in which no one is the subject of jokes anymore? The answer seems to be: GTA 6. More because we don’t understand it.

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