The disappearance of little Emil: “We cannot ignore the possibility of a big predator”, thinks the lawyer of the parents of Marion Wagon

Georges Catala, the lawyer of the parents of Marion Wagon, who disappeared after leaving school in 1996, evokes the disappearance of Émile with our colleagues from La Depeche.

“The peculiarity of this boy’s disappearance is that this hamlet is home to thirty people. Inevitably, after the research phase, I hope that the investigators who know and learn their work, at least, do not forget the DNA from their past mistakes. Predator”, he comments.

Emil’s death: “We feel that this investigation has now changed and it will continue for years”

Before continuing: “This possibility has not been taken into account for a long time in Agen, and it is impossible to reject it today. Because unfortunately, from Fournieret to Emilie Louise or, more recently, to Nordal Lelandois, there are these people, this hypothesis remains significant. This feeling.”

Georges Catala hopes that Emil’s parents will find out who kidnapped their child: “Sexuals can understand and find out. Losing a child is terrible. Losing it without an explanation becomes unbearable. It will be closed on one side. I don’t want little Emil’s parents to know about this ordeal.”

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