Starfield fans are bracing themselves for spoilers – and even other developers are issuing warnings

Starfield pre-loading began this week, which means players have already downloaded Bethesda’s long-awaited sci-fi role-playing game. It also means that the burgeoning Starfield community is preparing for the leaks.

at the time of publication, Starfield leaks are limited, but some story spoilers are floating around the internet, as well as a defined list of space forces (we see the main character wielding the space force in Bethesda’s Starfield Direct video, below), and the main menu screen for Starfield. The 79 track OST titles, if you think of the track titles as a spoiler, are also available online. Perhaps even more spoiler is the list of Starfield achievements, which is now online.

Oddly enough, fellow space game Everspace 2’s official Twitter account issued its own Starfield spoiler warning to gamers, highlighting a “bad actor” accused of mentioning Everspace to spoil the Starfield plot point.

The highly anticipated Starfield releases soon, and reviews will be available Flying hot on August 31st. You Starfield can be played early if you choose to pre-order wisely. In the event that you did not receive the ad during the Xbox Summer Showcase, those who do choose to Starfield Premium Edition Playable from September 1, with the official release date set for September 6.

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