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SAN FRANCISCO — When meeting with reporters after his ejection Tuesday night at Oracle Park, Giants manager Gabe Kapler said he was jealous of the view people had on TV, noting that you see more that way than you do from the dugout. Kapler’s specific point on Tuesday proved costly.

MLB announced Friday that Kapler was suspended for one game and fined undisclosed for “returning to the dugout after his fourth ejection during Tuesday night’s game.” Kapler will serve the suspension Friday night against the Atlanta Braves, and head coach Kai Correa will take over.

Kapler was yelled out from the dugout after a missed call on rookie Wade Meckler. He then came out to argue with home plate umpire Chad Whitson before leaving the field.

The Giants went on to win 7-0 after two rallies, one of which included Jock Pederson’s hilarious slide at the plate.

Asked later about Pedersen’s chip, Kapler said he saw it on TV in the cage and enjoyed watching the different shots of Pedersen’s facial expressions. When asked about the energy the Giants showed after they were fired, Kapler admitted he never went back to his office.

“I don’t remember if it was the first time I watched the match in the cage or right behind the ladder,” he said. “We’ve got the cage up and running. It’s really exciting to see where the pitches are and how effective our shooters are during the game.”

The batting cage at Oracle Park is only a few feet from the dugout and is located down a short flight of steps that Kapler was referring to. MLB has been strict over the years about rule enforcement, and most coaches generally watch the remainder of the game from their desk or elsewhere on the clubhouse after they’ve been fired.

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