Space Europe does not yet have the means to fulfill its ambitions

This is embarrassing as the EU has put itself in the process of putting a new constellation of IRIS2 satellites into orbit. It aims to compete with Starlink, the satellite Internet access service launched by Elon Musk. “Initially Iris2 can provide its first services from 2024, I am confident, the absence of this launcher is an accident, it should not question the project of IRIS2, Assures MEP. Ariane 6 should already be in service by then.”. In addition to the fact that the order book for the future European launcher is already well filled, Arianespace promises that … it will be necessary to have a place in the future flight plans to meet the deadline. “There will be a real problem, especially for all the satellites the Europeans are planning to launch within the next year“Acknowledges Christoph Kreutler. So fAre we to conclude that Europe really has no way of matching its ambitions? “More importantly, there is today a real awareness of the importance of European strategic autonomy in space. Explains the selected update. We should learn a lesson from the internet giants. Leaving the technological initiative to them, we depend on them. Europe must become a true space power if we are to hold our power in tomorrow’s technologies“.

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