The Israeli army has announced that a Hezbollah commander has been killed in southern Lebanon

The Israeli military announced that it had killed a commander of an elite unit of the Hamas-affiliated Lebanese movement Hezbollah in southern Lebanon between the night of Sunday, April 7 and Monday, April 8. Israeli hunters “Ali Ahmad Hussain, commander of Al-Radwan Forces of Hizbollah Terrorist Organization in Al-Haujair area was attacked and killed”, mention Israeli forces in a press release. Hezbollah, which has been engaged in daily firefights with Israel since October 7, confirmed the death of Ali Ahmad Hussain, whose real name was de guerre Abbas Jafar, without specifying where he was killed. Follow our live stream.

Israeli army “prepares” for attack on Rafah. Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant made the pledge to his forces on Sunday “Preparing to continue their operations (…) in the Rafah area”, a city on the Egyptian border that is home to nearly 1.5 million Palestinians, the majority displaced. The international community has been warning for months about the dangers to civilians of an operation in Rafah.

Israeli forces withdrew from Khan Yunis. Hours earlier on Sunday, Israeli forces withdrew from Khan Yunis, another town in the southern Gaza Strip. “Ready for future operations” According to the military. After this Israeli retreat, dozens of Palestinian refugees in Rafah headed back towards Khan Younes, AFP reported.

Nicaragua attacks Germany in support of Israel. The Central American government, which sued Berlin before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to stop German arms supplies to Israel, defended its position at The Hague. “It is a pitiful excuse to deliver humanitarian aid to Palestinian children, women and men, let alone airdrop military equipment to kill and destroy them.” On the other hand, said a Nicaraguan lawyer. Germany will respond on Tuesday.

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Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel is nearing victory over Hamas. Six months after the October 7 attacks in Israel and Israeli reprisals in Gaza, the prime minister pledged that the Israeli military would “One Step From Victory” in its war against Hamas. “The price to pay is painful and heartbreaking”The president made the announcement in his government's war cabinet on Sunday. “There will be no ceasefire without the return of the hostages, it will not happen”He continued.

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