Republican primary: An evening with no surprises in New Hampshire

For his part, Joe Biden easily won the Democratic primary on the same day. And this was due to a dispute between the Left party national officials and the state government, his name was not included in the ballot paper. So his supporters wrote his surname on the ballot – a practice ” write down » – Although the vote has only symbolic value.

Donald Trump might be happy. First non-incumbent Republican to hold the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary. His victory cements his position as the overwhelming favorite in the race for the nomination Grand Old Party (GOP). With a large independent and moderate electorate, often hostile to the sulfur merchant, New Hampshire represented the best chance of victory for Nikki Haley, who presented herself as an older and fairer conservative. Confused “.

Why is Donald Trump more popular than ever?

Despite his defeat, he vowed to continue his campaign against all odds. He must attend a meeting in North Charleston, South Carolina, where he was governor between 2011 and 2017, starting Wednesday, January 24, and vote on February 24 to appoint someone (or she) who will wear the colors of the party against Joe Biden. ” New Hampshire's primary is the nation's first, but not the last. This competition is still far from over “, she said in a speech Tuesday evening. She also invited Donald Trump to debate her while attacking her age and ability to vote. A supporter in the room shouted. He is a loser ! “.

Speaking moments later, the exasperated real estate mogul spent more time attacking his supporters than thanking them. “ Not to mention she won when she was having such a bad night! “, he said before criticizing her appearance and calling her out” cheater “.

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The road ahead will not be easy for the former governor. The former White House tenant will win the next round of the nomination process, the Nevada “caucus,” on February 8, in which he did not participate. In South Carolina, which votes next, he is leading the polls. On January 22, he received 62% of the vote against his rival's 25%, according to an average of the reference site FiveThirtyEight.

Also, he was endorsed by several influential leaders, including Governor Henry McMaster and Senator Tim Scott, who appointed Nikki Haley to the post in 2012. A former candidate for the nomination, he appeared with Donald Trump on Tuesday evening and made his announcement. Love for the leader on the stage! Faced with this united South Carolinian front, the candidate may decide to drop out before the primary to avoid embarrassment in his stronghold. He will also have to deal with potential disaffection from donors who fund his campaign and his volunteers.

Iowa caucuses: Donald Trump is the undisputed leader of the Republican Party

The ex-governor will also face a structural hurdle. The logic changes after South Carolina, when first states give their delegates (who are responsible for formally nominating a candidate at the party's national convention next summer) on a proportional basis based on the results of their primaries. In fact, subsequent ballots, for many, “” The winner takes all » (” The winner takes all “), the candidate who arrives first wins all the delegates. With the support of the billionaire and his allies, many states have adopted this system in recent years, which is the favorite … Donald Trump, therefore.

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If the polls prove accurate, he will win most of the primaries. This delegate allocation system is designed to get her nominated, to the disadvantage of Nikki Haley. In short, the primaries are over », Ratings Kenneth Zanda, Editor Republican evolution, a work on changes in the Republican Party. This is an analysis of Joe Biden's campaign team, for whom Trump is “ Locked the nomination » His political training with this victory.

However, New Hampshire has a caveat for Republicans. According to a CNN exit poll, only 38% of independent, non-Democratic or Republican voters who are not allowed to participate in the GOP primary voted for him. That doesn't bode well for the Nov. 5 general election, which will be key to deciding who wins the White House.

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