Macron confirms keeping Elisabeth Bourne as prime minister

In late June, the death of a young man killed by a police officer during a traffic stop led to several nights of riots and considerable damage across the country, despite the deployment of thousands of police and gendarmes.

These riots eliminated the possibility of a ministerial reshuffle. But when calm returned, rumors started again, from a simple technical fix to a change in prime minister.

The Head of State finally decided to “stay” Ms Bourne in her post.

All this was revived against the backdrop of a campaign led by Home Secretary Gerald Dorman to manage the violence and Elizabeth Bourne was “deeply disgusted” with what it meant “in terms of her relationship with politics and people”. , according to a member of the Presidential Revival Party.

After this confirmation, Elizabeth Bourne announced to her government that she “(desired) changes” and would “recommend them to the President this week”.

“Nothing must change, nothing must change. Keeping Elisabeth Bourne in Matignon reflects the dramatic disconnection of a president who has lost all contact with the people and condemns the country to impotence and immobility,” the president responded on Twitter. Marine Le Pen of the National Rally (RN).

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