Russian Supreme Court Bans “LGBT Movement”: “It’s Ironic on Putin’s Part”

The program “Les Visiteurs du soir” this Friday (watched at 9pm on LN24) questions the direction Russian society might take as the 2024 elections approach. To talk about it, Vincent Mertens, former ambassador and ambassador to Russia, and Stefan, LN24 consultant specializing in international affairs. Rosenblatt, are on set. Sergei Zhirnov, former KGB spy and author, was invited to speak from France.

Who is Ekaterina Duntsova, the politician challenging Putin?

But excerpts from his speech have already been aired. to him, Recent activity in Russia Only shows the weakness of the Putin regime: “He invented these things because it was not enough for him to find external enemies inside Russia.” Therefore, Vladimir Putin will create new internal enemies, as he already did with the Jews. The former KGB member also notes a paradox: “It’s very ironic, because if you read Putin’s biography very carefully, he has homosexual tendencies. The speaker of the Duma (the Russian parliament, editor’s note) is also an obnoxious homosexual. Zhirinovsky, the former leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, actually a far-right populist party, was openly gay. , so when those in power talk about it, it’s because they’re diverting society’s attention and finding the enemy within.He adds.

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