Random: Super Mario Bros. Wonder Mod replaces Blue Toad with Rosalina

Although Nintendo doesn’t appear to be adding any new content to Super Mario Bros. I wonder anytime soon, some mods have added all sorts of weird and interesting things. amazing Things to introduce the new switch.

One mod, in particular, as Most notable is Nintendo Everything It is a new mod for “Women of Wonder” created by “Dytser” that adds Rosalina, who made her official debut in the Super Mario Galaxy series.

This special mod replaces the Blue Toad and gives Rosalina her own unique transformations (for her elephant form and other transformations), replaces the Glide Cap with a Luma, adds a completely revamped sound to the soundtrack just like Rosalina, and matches all symbols (from checkpoints to goalposts) to their theme.

“ROSALINA JOINS THE ADVENTURE: Experience the magic of Rosalina as she takes center stage in a 2D Mario game for the first time. From her signature celestial abilities to her elegant demeanor, Rosalina adds a touch of wonder to the way you play.”

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