President in Argentina: Javier Millay, a Trump-inspired foreigner, is the primary winner

Argentina’s October presidential election will be between ultra-liberal economist Javier Mille, former defense minister Patricia Bulrich (right) and current economy minister Sergio Massa (centre left), according to provisional results from Sunday’s primaries.

Running as an anti-establishment candidate against a “parasitic political caste,” 52-year-old Javier Millay caused a sensation with the highest number of individual votes nationally, with more than 32% of the vote. Official results with more than 64% of votes counted.

Economist Millay has vowed to turn Argentina back into a “powerhouse” through the exercise, once it was the “promised land” of European immigration in the early 20th century. The theme is “Finding Pride” reminiscent of Donald Trump, with whom he claimed a relationship.

He is ahead of 67-year-old Patricia Bulrich, who won more than 27% of the vote in an undecided primary on the right, ahead of Buenos Aires mayor Horacio Loretta (centre-right) and Sergio Massa, 51, minister. The economy was a surprising primary winner in the government camp, but came 3rd overall with 25% of the vote in its name.

During this “PASO” (Open, Simultaneous and Compulsory Primaries), more than 35 million Argentine voters were invited on October 22 to choose in advance the two competing parties – for which they must receive 1.5% of the national vote – and their candidates.

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