Tina Knowles says Beyoncé doesn’t bring a personal toilet seat on tour


Tina Knowles

There are no personal toilet seats for Beyoncé

…that story is ridiculous

Tina Knowles He laughs at a report about him Beyonce Bringing personal toilet seats with her on tour… She says it’s a case of mistaken identity.

We caught up with Beyoncé’s mom on Monday at LAX and the photographer asked her about the viral photo from her “Renaissance” tour…which shows a container labeled “Beyoncé toilet seats.”

Tina says the big black box doesn’t actually have toilet seats inside… As some media reported earlier… She says Beyoncé’s tour uses boxes to put fans on stage.

For some reason, these things are called toilet seats… and Tina says the idea of ​​Beyoncé being a diva flying around a custom toilet seat is “absolutely ridiculous.”

You’d know Tina… She’s been to more than a few Beyoncé shows during her “Renaissance” tour, and she’s planning to see upcoming concerts at SoFi Stadium in Englewood, California.

Taylor Swift I just got done playing sold-out shows at SoFi, and Tina says the two megastars shouldn’t be compared…and also answered our question about her last divorce.

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