Parents criticized for taking their 5-year-old son to a slightly unusual restaurant for his birthday… (VIDEO)

In the United States, parents are being criticized for taking their 5-year-old child to celebrate his birthday at an unusual fast food restaurant. Because it’s not a McDonald’s or a KFC, where a child might find happiness, but a Hooters. Hooters is a fast-food chain that is primarily established in the United States, but also seeks to appeal to heterosexual adults.

Small orange shorts, a white tank top that exposes the chest, the idea here is to appeal to men, not just for food. The problem here is that the little man is only 5 years old…


Don’t tell them it’s your birthday dude 😂 #embarrassed #Hooters #fyp #HappyBirthday #MadeWithKeurigContest

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While the young boy seemed to enjoy the meeting and the hostesses adjusted their behavior to suit his age, the initiative raises questions and is heavily criticized on social networks, especially on TikTok, where the child’s mother posted the video. .

“Who brings his son to Hooters? asks one user. “Why would you want to humiliate a child like this? “, asks another, referring to the video, in which the hostesses tell the child to “bird”. And while some netizens believe that the boy may have had a good time, all agree that the father may have appreciated the surprise more.

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