One of Europe’s biggest anti-Mafia operations is underway in Belgium.

V.SOn Wednesday morning, the police launched a large-scale operation against the mafia in several European countries, such as Germany, Italy and, to a lesser extent, Belgium (in the province of Limburg), the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office confirms. German judicial authorities, who are instigating actions at the level of France, Spain and Portugal, are linked to the operation, coordinated by the European cooperation agencies of the judicial services Eurojust and the police Europol.

On the other side of the Rhine, hundreds of German police officers are said to have intervened in five regions of the country as part of a “large-scale European operation” targeting “Natrangheta”, Calabrian leaders and members. Mafia is considered to be one of the most powerful in the world.

A source close to the file, mentioned by our colleagues at RTBF, described these coordinated operations as “one of the biggest operations ever carried out in Europe against the mafia”.

According to the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office, the wide-ranging operation was based on information gathered by the Belgian police and judiciary. According to the Belga agency, at this point 6 people have been arrested in our country, 108 in Italy, 9 in Germany, 3 in France and 3 in Portugal, Romania and Spain.

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