Virgo horoscope for May 2023

Horoscope for the month of May for Virgo

Cosmic storms are moving, and you’ll need to keep your schedule light as the month begins.

A Full Moon Eclipse of the Moon in Scorpio, 15 degrees, is scheduled for May 5, so until the eclipse delivers its news, you don’t want to be overburdened with tasks. You will need to be free to change plans, move in a different direction if necessary, and direct others who will be willing to help you. You have experienced many eclipses, but this eclipse is powerful and will bring unexpected events to everyone.

The May 5 full moon eclipse in Scorpio will bring Uranus, the planet of unexpected news, into close conjunction with the Sun (both will be in Taurus), and these two will be so close that they will rotate side by side. Mercury, your ruler, will be close enough to Uranus in Taurus to feel the volatility of this eclipse. Any time your ruling planet is involved, you will feel the aspect more than most. At the same time, Uranus and the Sun will directly oppose and challenge the Full Moon, a powerful and unnerving aspect.

The full moon will fall in your third house of travel, so this is not the time to set out on a journey. Your third house rules short-distance travel, often by car, rail, or perhaps a short hop by air. All kinds of unexpected difficulties may arise, from mechanical problems to difficulties with the people you will interact with at your destination. If you are traveling on business during the days of May 5th and hoping to reach an agreement with a client, this outcome is unlikely. Traveling for pleasure probably won’t go smoothly either – especially if you’re going with a friend or sibling. See if you can postpone your trip until a happier time.

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