Two underwater explosions were recorded before the Nord Stream leak, prompting QU to accuse Russia of terrorism.

The Nord Stream gas pipelines linking Russia to Germany, disputed and out of service due to the war in Ukraine, have both suddenly suffered unexplained leaks in the Baltic Sea, Danish and Swedish officials announced on Tuesday, raising suspicions of sabotage. LHe Swedish Seismological Agency reported that two underwater explosions were recorded prior to the Nord Stream spills. Kiev provokes”A planned terrorist attackBy Russia.

The next day Notification of a leak in the parallel Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, The Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline linking Russia to Germany has been hit by two rare gas leaks in the Baltic Sea, officials from the two Nordic countries said on Tuesday.

Copenhagen immediately put its energy infrastructure on alert, while it “Too earlyLet’s talk about the causes of these simultaneous events.

The subject of geopolitical arm-wrestling in recent months, two pipelines operated by a consortium that depends on Russian giant Gazprom are out of action as a result of the war in Ukraine. But both were full of gas.

Danish authorities confirmed on Tuesday morning that “Two other leaks in the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, which are also inactive, but contain gas“, said the Danish Minister of Climate and Energy, Dan Jørgensen.

We cannot imagine a scenario where it is not a targeted attack

A spokeswoman for the Swedish Maritime Authority confirmed to AFP that two new leaks, located in Nord Stream 2 off the Danish island of Bornholm, had been discovered.

Spills in Nord Stream 1 take place outside territorial waters, but one is in Denmark’s exclusive economic zone and the other is in Sweden. Decisive measures to increase the safety of factories and installations should be taken by companies in the sector.

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According to a source close to the German government, German daily Taggesspiegel quoted “Everything speaks against coincidence“. We cannot imagine a scenario where it is not a targeted attack“, underlines this evidence.

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