Nicholas Bay mobilizes Eric Gemmer to denounce Marine Le Pen’s “retreats”

“I have decided to fully engage myself with Eric Gemmer in the presidential campaign because I have deep faith in his candidacy, his plan and his strategy,” he affirmed in MEP’s Le Figaro.

Nicholas Bay, who has been accused by the RN of “unfaithfulness”, describes it as a “real betrayal” of the electorate, “abandoning its condemnation of the European Court of Human Rights’ sanctions and accepting the PMA at the end of the bipartisanship, when Schengen leaves.” Without father “.

“Many of these setbacks and setbacks have contributed to mobilizing our voters and, at one time, creating a real betrayal against them,” he believes.

Criticizing the “brutality” of Eric Zemor’s plans, the RN candidate said, “We confuse extremism and extremism. When our country is on the edge, the measures being taken are serious. I do not think we will eradicate Islam from the Roubaix. Says.

“By continuing to try to persuade the moral left, I think we are making a political but tactical mistake. Now we see that Marine Le Pen’s candidacy provokes a certain indifference,” he concludes.

MEP is also a guest on BFMTV-RMC on Thursday morning.

Prior to the announcement, Marine Le Pen had ruled in the LCI on Wednesday evening that “from the moment people behave badly, they remain unfaithful.”

“I do not care if he leaves, but why should he be in the countryside and make a film and leave to sabotage the campaign from within?” The far-right candidate said he had “made his living”. .

This kind of behavior stops people from voting, “he said.

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RN accuses Nicholas Bay of “sabotage” for passing information to Marine Le Pen’s rival, which the MEP denies. Ms Le Pen promised the LCI that she had “elements” but refused to disclose them.

Without naming him, Marine Le Pen on Tuesday asked “those who run the slug strategy, please speed up their exit (…) because the slug is slow but sticky”.

Three MEPs – Jérôme Rivière, Gilbert Collard and Maxette Pirbakas – have joined Candidate Reconquête! Eric Zemmur was followed on Sunday by the same senator RN Stephen Rovier and several regional advisers.

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