A Japanese news anchor hangs on the air while talking about Putin’s tribute to the soldiers of the Bucha massacre

A Japanese news anchor collapsed live while talking about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s tribute to the soldiers who oversaw the Bucha massacre.

The TV presenter, a.k.a. Yumiko Matsu, is seen fighting tears as he pauses in a viral photo section Submit to Reddit on Wednesday.

Reddit user /u/thefathermucker commented on the post: “I just showed clips of kids hiding in the basement of the Mariupol Steel Mill and they were overcome with emotion.”

There are still many civilians stuck in the bunker. I’m so sorry, I’m sorry…” said Matsu, trying to acclimatize herself. “The Ukrainian war has entered a new phase…”

Matsu was talking about the honorary title “Guard” that Putin gave to the military unit that committed war crimes in the Bucha region of Ukraine, where More than 300 bodies were found.

Putin praised the Russian 64th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade for working with “Great valor and courageand “to defend the sovereignty of Russia” in a letter signed on April 18.

“By clever and daring actions during special military operations in Ukraine, the personnel of the unit became a role model in the performance of their military duties, valor, dedication and professionalism,” Read.

Several Reddit users praised Matsu’s bravery as they sympathized with her overwhelmed feelings regarding the news report.

“It will show just how profound all of this is on the Profound Soul Level,” one user said. “We all feel righteous anger and want to protect each other.”

Another user replied: “This is from someone in a culture who is very good at hiding feelings in public.”

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Another user wrote: “I lived in Japan for 1.5 years during university, and I’ve never seen a Japanese news anchor show any sign of feelings whatsoever.” “I can’t believe how upset she was to show such a big feeling on TV.”

Featured Image via /u/ thefathermucker

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