“He always wanted to be famous, obviously not Julia Maddy”

Julia Wendell is the loudest Brit right now. The reason? She says Maddy McCann is the daughter of Jerry and Kate McCann, who went missing on the evening of May 3, 2007 in Praia da Luz, Portugal.

Julia is a 21-year-old Polish woman. She recently created an Instagram account which she called ‘iammadeleinemcann’ and gave ‘evidence’ that she was the girl who went missing while on holiday with her parents.

The young woman explained that she began to wonder when she heard “something” from her grandmother and noticed that she had a dot in her eye, like Madeleine. As a result of these reports, Julia received hundreds of thousands of subscribers on Instagram. He also said that Kate and Gerry McCann asked him to undergo a DNA test. “The family is not taking any risks, they are ready to explore all avenues. It is important that she explores all the factors, the girl is like Madeleine, there is no doubt,” said a person close to the McCanns at the time.

In her ‘sources’, Julia claimed she had no memories of her childhood and was abused by a German pedophile, Christian Bruckner, a longtime suspect in the McCann case.

“It’s clear she’s not Maddie.”

A few days after Julia’s revelations, the young woman’s family came forward through the Polish missing persons organization “Missing Years Ago”. In the document, the family says they have “memories” and “pictures” that prove Julia was their daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece and cousin. The family claims that Julia left the family and took pictures with him. They explain that they don’t understand why Julia is behaving this way and have tried to help her with therapy and medication. But Julia would have refused.

“For us as a family, it is obvious that Julia is our granddaughter, sister, niece, cousin and niece. We have memories, we have photos. Julia also has these photos because she took them from the family home with the birth certificate,” reads the statement of the young woman’s family.

“We always tried to understand all the situations that happened with Julia. Many treatments, drugs, psychologists and psychiatrists. She was not left alone. We always tried to help her and put her on the right path. She left home because it was a few years old. She got treatment. She refuses,” her family explains.

But why would Julia have invented such a story? “She wanted to be a singer, a model. She always wanted to be famous. What’s happening now is that she has a million subscribers. We’re scared because the internet won’t forget her, and it’s clear that Julia Maddy isn’t. We’re devastated by the current situation,” they concluded. Family.

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