Modern Warfare 3 players are going crazy over the “instantly favorite” drone.

published: 2023-10-08T16:25:35

Updated: 2023-10-08T16:25:48

Sledgehammer Games has added brand new lethal tools to the game like the Breacher Drone, and players have been loving using them so far.

Modern Warfare 3 brought back many things from the original game, such as all 16 original multiplayer maps, reassuring players who were dissatisfied with MW2’s map selection.

Along with some old features, new additions have been added to the game, giving players a fresh take on the franchise that has been around for over a decade – such as the reinvention of the franchise, which now takes the form of a jacket, gloves and boots.

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They’ve also added a new Lethal item to the game, the Breacher Drone, and players were shocked by how much fun they were having using it in Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer.

Modern Warfare 3 Breacher Drone is an ‘instant favorite’

It’s rare for developers and players to see eye to eye on a topic, but players are thinking Hammer gameswho called the Breacher Drone an “instant favorite,” has done a great job adding this deadly new drone.

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Some players were shocked by the clips they were able to film, so they were quick to publish their gaming experiences using the new Breacher Drone. One player described it as “the best lethal game in a decade,” as he showed off his well-aimed drone taking out an enemy rooted on the second floor of a building.

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Some other players, such as the Call of Duty content creator PrestigeIsKey He had some unexpected but still welcome interactions with Lethal – even if it was an enemy Breacher Drone – as he sniped an enemy player with his drone.

While players enjoyed the innovative new features added in Modern Warfare 3, such as the Breacher Drone and the now nerfed Battle Rage, others loved the raw feel of weapons like the Striker and MCW.

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