Should Ukraine cede territory to Russia to maintain peace, as Nicolas Sarkozy claims? : ‘Undrinkable for the international community’

Nicolas Sarkozy’s proposals are undrinkable

“Nicolas Sarkozy’s proposals are undrinkable to the international community and especially to the European authorities”. A diplomatic source confirmed on condition of anonymity.

Europeans can’t drink, that’s a disadvantage. Holding referendums in Ukrainian territories occupied by Russia under the control of the international community raises questions with no obvious solutions: Who can vote? Were the Russian supporters mostly on the spot? What about Ukrainians who fled the war and took refuge in European countries?

All the more undrinkable because these polls will satisfy the demands of the Russian president. Vladimir Putin presents the annexed regions of Ukraine as historically Russian lands. Last September, he demanded the annexation of these territories after organizing fake referendums there. According to him, in order to achieve peace, Kiev must agree to give them up.

Regardless of the results of the referendums proposed by Nicolas Sarkozy, this process will respect and affirm Ukraine’s sovereignty. In practice Violations of international law committed by Moscow.

In fact, it is negotiated by two to reach a common ground”, General Dominique Trinquant, former military chief of the French delegation to the United Nations, insists. “Nicolas Sarkozy rejected Kiev’s view“.

A neutral Ukraine? Regarding membership of the European Union, the former French president seems to have forgotten that in June 2022, the 27 heads of state and government of the European Union granted Ukraine the status of a member state.

At the Vilnius summit in July, NATO allies said Ukraine would be invited to join the alliance.When all partners agree and fulfill the conditions“.

Allies’ position is to continue supporting Ukraine

Allies’ position is to continue supporting Ukraine“, assures our diplomatic source on condition of anonymity.

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In fact, material aid to Ukraine continues. Allies continue to supply ammunition. Two days after Washington gave the go-ahead, the Netherlands and Denmark pledged to deliver a total of 61 US F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine once Ukrainian pilots are trained to fly them. 42 from the Netherlands and 19 from Denmark.

During President Volodymyr Zelensky’s visit to Sweden on Saturday, there were talks about the preparation of Sweden’s 13th military aid package, which includes the joint production of Gripen fighter jets and Swedish CV90 light tanks.

Will this military aid to Ukraine run out? “Admittedly, Europe was late in reviving its industrial production“, observes Dominique Trinkuant.

It is too early to talk about negotiations

Meanwhile, the war drags on. Isn’t it time to negotiate? Yes, but “Always think about it, never talk about it“, warns the French general.

It is too early to talk about negotiations when the Ukrainians launch an offensive and do not achieve their objectives“, he analysed.

On the ground, while Ukraine has claimed several advances, its counteroffensive launched in June is struggling to overcome resistance from the Russian military. According to US intelligence, Ukraine will not achieve one of its main objectives, which is to recapture the Russian-occupied city of Melitopol (Zaporysia Oblast) by the end of the year.

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