LIVE – War in Ukraine: ‘Peace cannot be achieved by laying down arms for a country under attack’, says Nobel Peace Prize winner in Oslo

The city of Odesa, in the southern part of Ukraine, is almost entirely without electricity following the attack.Kamikaze drones“launched by Russia overnight, Ukrainian officials announced on Saturday.

In the Russian-occupied part of the Kherson region, the ruble will replace the Ukrainian currency in January. A territory occupied by the Russians, the Kherson region is now under Russian administration. The latter has decided to replace the Ukrainian currency hryvnia with the Russian ruble.

The Nobel Peace Prize ceremony was also held in Oslo today. As a reminder, they are due A trio of human rights defenders in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. While one is in jail, others have appealed to defend themselves against Putin. “It is not by laying down arms,” ​​believes Oleksandra Matvychok, head of the Center for Civil Rights (CCL), that we will achieve peace.

Ukrainian news began on Saturday morning with the agreement between the US and Russia at the diplomatic level at the center of the discussion. A deal? Not really though A prisoner exchange between the two countries took place this week.

Putin is threatening to change his military strategy And Washington raises alarm over Russia’s military partnership with Iran. In short, the relationship between the two powers is tense.

Battle footage still reaching us from the Donetsk region shows that Russian and Ukrainian forces are still fighting in these annexed territories. “Russian President Vladimir Putin has continued to discuss talks with Ukraine as a way to separate Ukraine from its Western backers.“, analyzes the Institute for War Studies on Twitter.

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