The Four Most Attractive Belgian Cities in Europe

This first ranking of Europe’s best cities is an important and timely analysis. In fact, the continent is leading the rest of the world in post-pandemic tourism recovery. The Best Cities ranking is determined by analyzing each city’s performance across a broad range of factors that have consistently shown positive correlations with attracting jobs, investment and/or visitors to cities. Among the hundred cities included in the ranking, four main Belgian cities are included.

12th is Brussels

The Resonance Consultancy, which produces these rankings, places Brussels as the 12th best European city, while globally, the capital falls short of 58th place behind Montreal. While the site describes the city as a “breathtaking architectural profusion,” the Grand Place is certainly one of the most beautiful in the world.

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47th for Kent

The city of Ghent, located in the Flemish region, is the second most populous country in the country. The city, famous for its museums and universities, is currently building a village to accommodate Ukrainian refugees.

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A little further down, Antwerp ranked 50th

Known for its port, “the city really shines with its quaint cobbled houses, secret courtyards and alleys, all leading to the Gothic beauty of Notre Dame Cathedral,” Resonance Consultancy says on its site. Antwerp, however, is currently embroiled in a violent battle between drug traffickers trying to control its main port of entry into Europe.

Far behind, Liège reached 88th place

Less glamorous than Brussels or Ghent, the city of Liège is particularly known for its “Les Ardentes” festival, organized every year in July.

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Resonance Consultancy advises visitors to “take the Montagne de Buren and its 374 steps with a 30% drop, originally built so soldiers could quickly get to the city center from the Côteux de la Citadel. In October the entire staircase is lined with candles. .”

Mount Buren, during the Nocturne des Godeaux in 2016. ©

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