Live – War in Ukraine: Beverage company Coca-Cola announces ceasefire in Russia

On Tuesday, the thirteenth day of the invasion of Ukraine, Russian forces continued their bombing, without significant progress, but with an increase in civilian casualties and the start of evacuations of residents of some cities on fire.

As the capital Kiev is under Ukrainian control, as in Kharkiv (northeast), the front lines have changed little over the past 24 hours. Following a third round of talks with Ukraine, Russia announced local ceasefires in several cities (Belgian time) from 8:00 pm on Monday evening to allow the evacuation of civilians through humanitarian corridors.

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10:02 pm – Beverage company Coca-Cola announces ceasefire in Russia

9:59 pm – First Ukrainian civilians evacuated by humanitarian route arrive “safely”

The deputy head of the Ukrainian presidential administration announced on Tuesday that the first civilians to be evacuated through humanitarian corridors from the city of Sumi, 350 km northeast of Kiev, had arrived “safely” in the center of the country.

8:42 pm – Russia announces a new humanitarian war on Wednesday morning

7:10 pm – Established in Lviv, our correspondents follow the daily life of Ukrainians

7:00 pm – Mayor incites “genocide” in the ruined city of Kharkiv

6:24 pm – According to the European Commission, “Russian gas will be less than two thirds by the end of the year”

The European Commission has put forward plans aimed at ultimately securing the union from Russia’s gas and other fossil fuels. According to the EU administration, it is already possible to reduce the European demand for Russian gas by two-thirds by the end of this year.

5:52 pm – L’Oréal announces closure of stores in Russia, but maintains its factory near Moscow

5:20 pm – UK suspends Russian oil imports by the end of 2022

5:00 pm – Benoit Ludgen, Mayor of Boston and MEP, in Ukraine

4:44 pm – A recruitment mine explodes north of Kiev, killing three and injuring three children.

3:00 pm – US bans Russia’s oil imports

2:20 pm – Thousands of Ukrainian deportees still line up in front of the former Ported Hospital in Brussels

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In front of the Foreigners’ Office in Brussels, long queues formed since yesterday. Ukrainian refugees want to gather and find “peace”. Read our full article.

1:34 pm – Mehdi Kassou calls for vigilance in the reception of women and child citizens in Ukraine

Mehdi Kassou, one of the founders of the Citizens’ Support Platform for Refugees, called on the federal agency Fedasil on Tuesday to focus specifically on the orientation and relocation of single women and Ukrainian minors with individuals. It also advocates centralized monitoring of their shelters, with the support of municipalities.

1:20 pm – Refugee welcome in Lviv

Our Special Correspondent Loïc Parmentier participates from the border town of Lviv. The city of Lviv, in western Ukraine near Poland, is at the crossroads of refugees fleeing the country. They have 2 million people leaving everything in 13 days, which represents a flawless system.

1:15 pm – In Irbine, civilian flights continue

The Ukrainians hastily leave the war. Thirteen days after the start of the Russian invasion, thousands of civilians are trying to escape the traps set by the Russian military. This is especially true in the city of Irfin, near Kiev.

12:40 pm – Adidas ceases operations in Russia

German sportswear maker Adidas has announced that it will temporarily suspend its operations in Russia following decisions already made by its rivals Nike and Puma.

12:35 pm – 12-12 Confederation raises 3.3 million euros

About 3.3 million euros have already been raised by 12-.Since the launch of the #Ukraine1212 appeal last Wednesday, the Belgian Federation for Emergencies on Tuesday, 12th.

12:05 pm – Zhelensky condemns Western unfulfilled “promises”

On Tuesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky condemned the West’s broken “promises” to protect Ukraine from Russian bombings. “We have been asking for promises for thirteen days. For thirteen days they have been told that they will help us in the sky and that there will be planes and they will be handed over to us.” He said in a video released on the Telegram.

12 noon – Shell leaves Russia completely

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The oil company had previously announced that it would sell its gas and oil extraction operations in Russia, but it would also close about 400 of its service stations in the country. Shell will no longer buy gas and oil from Russia.

11:55 am – Two million refugees flee Ukraine

The number of refugees fleeing Ukraine from the Russian military occupation on February 24 exceeded two million on Tuesday, according to the website of the High Commission for Refugees. According to the site, this number is exactly 2,011,312 and more than half of Poland (1,204,403).

11:50 am – Ukrainian Defense Ministry accuses Russians of disrespecting the humanitarian sidewalk in Mariupol.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry on Tuesday accused the Russians of disrespecting the humanitarian corridor in the besieged port of Mariupol in southeastern Ukraine on the thirteenth day of the Russian invasion.

10 a.m .: The Russians confirm the ceasefire and open 5 humanitarian corridors

The Russian military said on Tuesday that it had imposed a new ceasefire in Ukraine “Humanitarian Corridors” opened in five cities. In the capital Kiev and major cities such as Chernikov, Sumi, Kharkiv and the port city of Mariupol, people can safely travel this way.

9 am – 150 Belgian soldiers prepare to join Romania

Today is Tuesday morning, almost 150 Soldiers of the Marche-en-Famenne Battalion Depart for Romania.

7:30 am – According to the HRW, the Russian army attacks people trying to escape

On Sunday, Russian troops carried out several attacks on a crossroads west of Kiev. Human rights watchdog Human Rights Watch (HRW) reports that hundreds of civilians tried to flee the capital, based on eyewitness accounts and image analysis. Eight people, including two children, were killed, according to the local mayor.

6:30 am – More than 10 people are killed in fighting in the Ukrainian city of Sumi.

The Ukrainian emergency services said on Tuesday that at least nine people, including two children, had been killed in an airstrike on the city of Sumi, about 350 km east of Kiev. “Enemy planes insidiously attacked residential buildings,” emergency services said in a telegram, which arrived at the scene around 11:00 pm local time. Sumi, near the Russian border, has been the scene of heavy fighting for days.

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4 a.m .: Ukrainian diplomat confirms interview with his Russian counterpart

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Koilba has confirmed a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. “Currently on the agenda is March 10. If he wants to fly to Antalya (Turkey), I will come too”, The Ukrainian ambassador said in a video message on Monday evening.

3:30 am – A second nuclear power plant is attacked, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency

The International Atomic Energy Agency (AEIA) on Monday reported that artillery shells had damaged a nuclear research facility in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second city, without “radioactive effects”.

2 am – Ukrainian President Zhelensky promises to stay in the capital, Kiev

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky promised to continue In Kiev, the capital of his country, despite the ongoing fighting.

1:15 am – Boeing no longer buys Russian titanium

The US company on Monday confirmed that it will not buy Titanium from the airline Boeing Russia.

1pm – Russia recruits Syrians to fight in Ukraine, Pentagon confirms

A Pentagon spokesman confirmed Monday that Russia is recruiting Syrian mercenaries with experience in urban guerrilla warfare in Ukraine.

11pm – Moscow announces local ceasefire in Ukraine from 0700 GMT on Tuesday

Russia announced on Monday evening that it would establish a local ceasefire On Tuesday 0700 GMT allowed the evacuation of civilians through humanitarian corridors in several Ukrainian cities. The guest of honor at “RTLINFO 19H”, Nicholas Cossett, a researcher at the Royal Institute of Defense, returned to Russia with proposals for humanitarian corridors.

10:30 pm – Putin announces that he will not send any compulsory personnel or reservations to Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Monday that he would not send any militants or reservists to fight in Ukraine, promising that the attack would be carried out by “professionals” fulfilling “set objectives”.

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