“Attack at Lidl de Jeumont”: One detonated by “a helicopter” inside a supermarket in France, 4 injured

“Machete Attack in Little Gimont, France”, we are written by the orange alert us button. Four people were literally stabbed, two of them seriously, on Monday evening at a Lidl store in Gemont, northern France, by a man armed with a helicopter specifically as he tried to put an end to his days. We got to know from police sources.

A police source said the main prognosis of the two seriously injured, unlike the teacher who attempted suicide, was not involved.

Two others suffered minor injuries, the evidence continued.

The facts happened when the man entered the specially equipped shop at 7:00 p.m “A Helicopter” Before hitting the customers. There were about ten people there.

According to a source close to the case, the attacker was armed with two knives and a chopper.

“No element currently allows us to form any hypothesis about the motivation of the aggressor.”A police source said that who “has not been identified”.

A second police source said the man, around forty years old, had no documents, according to which the teacher tried to end his life by injuring his throat with his knife.

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